Tuesday, January 19, 2010

LOFT LIFE: More waves

OK. You’re not going to believe this.

Did I mention that when I was having the CT scan, I happened to say this all started with a chest x-ray at the clinic? I left out of my saga that the technician said the radiologist at Jefferson was likely to want to see it. I asked her if I should get it for them--since I had hand carried it back to the clinic from the pulmonary specialist’s office, at his request.

No, she said they would have no problem getting it. No problem. That should have been my first clue.

Now a week later, after the CT scan, I am on prickly pins and needles trying not to worry that a whole week has gone by without a phone call. I am also imagining more turnip-behavior from a guy who probably knows what the lab said and isn’t telling me. But, I would be wrong. He doesn’t even know all this is happening! I look down at my ringing cell phone and it says the name of the clinic--which wouldn't be the people who should be calling. Evidently the radiologist is just getting around to requesting the x-ray, and the clinic needs me to pick them up since they don't mail them.

Remember that long drive to the radiologist, where I needed my husband to drive me in case...well, now my husband, who is rapidly reaching sainthood, is driving to the clinic at 6:00 p.m., missing praise band practice, and will have to take time from work tomorrow to deliver them to the radiologist. No problem! For whom?

I don’t blame the clinic for not mailing original pictures of people’s chests. (I think it’s safe to assume they don’t mail pictures of any body parts.) It has to be hand carried.

In our world of technology, you would think they could make a DVD or something--but then they did that at the Grand Canyon clinic when I broke my foot, and when I handed it to my IL doc, he said, “Nice technology, and very efficient, except it’s not your foot, it’s someone’s chest.” Oh dear. Where's the chest pic when you need it. :)

So after Jay delivers the x-ray, perhaps, within another week, I will have an answer. I’m telling you, this is never simple. And, dare I hint that this is when the government is not running the system. We all know how much more efficient it would be if they were, right?