Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hotel Stories: Life in a Hotel

We are entering our 13th month at our CT hotel, waiting for our home in IL to sell. It is an interesting season. You could look at it that temp living is no fun--one room, life suspended, no roots, no visible sign that the housing market will improve anytime soon.

I choose to see this as a season for reflection. Besides, my daughter reminded me that I have always said I wanted to live in a hotel. Of course, what I had in mind was the Waldorf, or maybe the Hilton. I remember my monthly stays at the Millennium Hilton in NYC. I loved that I would have dinner in the hotel cafe, and they would allow me to take my teapot and cup to my room, only asking that I put it outside my door in the morning. The room was spacious, the toiletries posh, and the linens fine on a mattress that was as comfy as home.

Our hotel is not the Waldorf or the Hilton, but it is reasonably comfortable, and although not fancy, it has its perks: daily maid service, full breakfast (which I can't eat daily or I gain weight), and sometimes even an evening meal (not on the low-glycemic index).

And, since my husband says I compulsively interview everyone--only a slight exaggeration--where better could I find such an endless stream of interesting people to talk with?

You probably assume that most people in a hotel are there on business or vacation. Actually, I haven't found that to be so.

Everyone has a story. That is the premise for my Lunch with Marjorie column and also for this blog. I hope some of the stories will inspire you. I plan to find as many as I can before this season ends and I am forced to accost people in coffee shops and other places to find subjects for my interviews.

So stay tuned. In the meantime, you can find
Lunch with Marjorie at

www.rockrivertimes.com (There is a LIVE LINK below)
type in Lunch with Marjorie in the search (upper right). And NOW you can leave comments there TOO. TY

You can read the first of the hotel stories in the 3-parter, entitled: Living Life Now and Enjoying Every Minute about John Gompper from Kentucky.

If you will take the time to read a couple of the stories already there, I would so appreciate your comments and reactions. You can email me at: stradingerm@gmail.com

Well, I await your responses. Please follow my blog for some good stories, now and in the future. Who knows? The next one could be about you!

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