Wednesday, January 20, 2010

LOFT LIFE: Almost there

Saint Jay, on his lunch break, is driving my x-rays to the Jefferson Radiology radiologist as I write this. So, hopefully the report will soon be on its way to my pulmonary guy (notice I am trying not to call him a turnip anymore), so it will be there in time for my appointment on the 28th. And, hopefully the final diagnosis that I will survive will be unanimous. (I do think God makes that final decision.)

In the meantime, I am feeling stronger, and am appreciating you all so much. I am working a few hours a day, and doing my best to reserve strength, but not stay in bed all day.

Tonight is the Bigelow book club. Jay and I would rather have movie clubs, and I want an American Idol club--but that is mostly because we still don’t fork out the $150 a month for cable, and the community room has a big screen. :) For some reason, people assume that if you a writer, you like to talk about books. I do, sometimes, but feel a lot of pressure to read faster than I normally do when I have to report on a book. Also, most of the recommendations I give and receive on books in book clubs have little to do with what I actually read.

I have been addicted to Patricia Cornwell’s Scarpetta series, but what more is there to say than that I love them. If you tell anything, you ruin them for the reader. And, I just finished reading Lauren Bacall’s By Myself and Then Some, which frankly ruined what used to be admiration for her, and ended up giving me the feeling, from her own words, that she is a pretty self-absorbed actress. Actually Bogey said it to her: "All you actors are alike” meaning prima donnas. And they are!

Jay and I have become addicted to watching Dexter--a Showtime series about a serial killer. We have heated discussions on Dexter, namely about me saying he is sweet and only kills bad people, and Jay insisting that killing is killing if it is illegal, and that Dex has a big problem. I think Jay doesn’t really “get” people with detachment disorders--like me, and that Dex, except for this teeny problem, and the fact that he memorizes social behavior rather than “feeling” what to do, is a pretty decent guy.

I also seem to compulsively take my polls on Dexter with others: my hairdresser also thinks he is sweet; my pastor says Dex is “not a healthy person.” Okay, I might have to admit his M.O. isn’t “healthy” but still it is helpful to others. Think of all the innocents he has protected from the killers he has killed. I ask you, wouldn’t you want Dex as your neighbor and friend? I like him even more than Sling Blade.

So, you see I am back to my usual self. Thank God, and family and friends. Now I can continue with Loft Life without the self-absorption. Maybe I should consider acting.