Thursday, October 21, 2010

LOFT LIFE: Light green

I have to admit, buying my new recycled stainless steel kitchen utensils, responsibly manufactured from countries around the world, and providing a safe and healthy (it’s really healthful folks) environment, fair labor practices, and environmental protection for those who want to live sustainably (no kidding, this was all on the label) all tied up in those cute little pieces of hemp twine looped through the utensil hanger holes, felt good. I like the little twine especially.
Truthfully, I don’t think much about being green, living sustainably and making sure everything I buy is tied to fair labor practices. I mean, it’s not that I’m into destroying the planet or littering, or not supporting farmers or anything. I just use common sense. And, as we’ve already established, I’m a conservative, in most senses of the word, and especially re-using things, and not wanting to overspend, and getting as much out of a purchase as possible.
But, I guess I am kind of light green when it comes to being militant about this green, saving the planet stuff. I do not think there is anything we can do about any sort of planet warming, and I believe the so-called “research” has been research by press release, mostly for the gain of certain politicians who have hugely profited over the scare.

It is Biblically prophesied that our planet will someday burn up. So, sorry guys, but there you have it. I seriously doubt you can stop that merely by discarding your plastic in the right bin. And, again, I'm not against doing that. I do it. But, it won't SAVE the planet. Only God can do that, and He has actually given us the blueprint for that, which I don't believe included recycling. I don't think He's against recycling either. He just doesn't save us like that.
On the other hand, why not get into “natural” fibers, instead of manufactured synthetics? It just feels better. Who wouldn’t rather untie a very attractive hemp cord from new utensils than some plastic wirey tie thingy!!
So, I’m not lobbying for anything here. Just use your own common sense, enjoy the earth, while it lasts, and if it makes you feel better to swing your dollars toward helping farmers in Central America or something, or, hey, even farmers in North America--do it! We all live here, and we can all benefit from anything that makes life prettier, cleaner, and longer lasting.

Friday, October 8, 2010

LOFT LIFE: Is it just me?

I am unnerved. Maybe it’s October, the month of witches and devils. I always try to find something in October to distract my consciousness from those spirits that invade my calm. They are there you know. Whether you believe in them or not, they are still real.
Anyway, I am always a little edgier in October. I feel like something is going to happen; something feels weird.
I try to put even more into my mind that is edifying than on other months. Lately I’ve been reading about holiness, about how our hearts can be made of stone or flesh, depending on where we are with God. That can be a comfort or a concern. 
Anyway, whenever I get serious about focusing on God and His kingdom, good things start to happen. 
Like this is the month I have gotten to know my new friend Melvin. He is 26, smart, handsome, and ready to invest his life in  building a fortune. He believes our meeting was Providential, and so do I. We are talking about doing businesses together--land, properties, and other entrepreneurial enterprises. 
That is exciting.
Melvin is teaching me about currency trading. This isn’t easy for me to wrap my brain around, but it is exciting to keep learning.
This is also the month my husband and I have begun learning Italian at Adult Ed in our town’s high school evening class. What fun!
So, now I am thinking: if this is working so well in October, why don’t I do this all the time? Melvin has somehow kick started my self-discipline. I play cards less often, Bejeweled less often (and we all know how hard that is to give up), and I am reading more, praying more, thinking more.
Maybe it’s just me, but if this is what happens when I reach October’s occult  pull and seek to make something good of it, then let’s make every month like October!