Monday, November 29, 2010

LOFT LIFE: I am loved, or Count your many blessings

It’s the little things that count when I add up life’s bounty. Maybe it’s because I discovered, after reading Gary Chapman’s book The 5 Love Languages, that my love language is gifts. 
That’s the one where it’s not the size or dollar value of the gift that matters, but the fact that someone thought enough of me during their travels, or their day shopping, or their work day, or their drive home, or whatever, to remember some little memento of their love for me.
I think God knows this is my love language, because He is constantly remembering the tiniest things I need, or care about, even my whims--like the boxing trainer I’ve already told you about here on Spinning.
There are a lifetime of things to recount, but I’ll tell you a score of them, because maybe it will encourage you to see that you, too, are loved.
For starters, I was big time stressed out over seeing a periodontal specialist. But, there was no need for worry. Not only was my specialist really smart, and trained by the very best at NYU, he’s also from my hometown, Philadelphia, and he believes in miracles. ‘Nuf said.
Then there was my arrival too early at The Clocktower inRockford, where I decided to use the wireless in the lobby. I did, but also got to see an old friend, and she sweetly made me a cup of coffee--the good kind the employees get--which I was just wishing for. Amazing. This is the same lobby where I was forced to walk to a farther away ladies room, only to find a computer and printer on my way back to catch the bus to the airport, and where I printed out my boarding pass which saved me the ten minutes I ended up needing not to miss my plane. Great lobby.
I’m thankful for friends in so many places--as far away as Spain, old friends in California, Philadelphia, Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, and now so many wonderful new friends in Connecticut and Massachusetts. (and if you are my friend in a state I didn’t mention--you too!!)
I feel pampered, loved and richly blessed by God and all of you!