Thursday, September 30, 2010

LOFT LIFE: God's Autumn Grandeur

Our trip to the Lake George area put us smack into a Currier & Ives fall landscape--except this was the real thing, painted by God Himself. Mid-September isn’t the full foliage of autumn color, but seeing the gradual changing of the leaves as we drove north from Connecticut had impact.
I am motivated for more. I have downloaded the maps of Massachusetts driving spots where the leaves will be best. I have collected lists of apple orchards so our drives will have purpose, destination--even though the beauty of this countryside is really purpose enough.
Is there anything more beautiful than autumn in New England? I am sure there are a host of other grand pictures, but this has to be in the top 10. Forget the pyramids, Stonehenge, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, even the Coliseum. Give me the rich reds, oranges, purples, yellows and rusts of autumn in the breathtaking hills of New England and upstate New York, even upstate Pennsylvania, and I am close to heaven.
There is something about being in the midst of intense color, thick copses of trees, and the hills and valleys of this area that just wraps itself around the soul. I defy any so-called atheist and agnostic to cruise this masterpiece and not at least wonder that it has to have had a Creator. Those who wish to worship in nature must slide into worship of creation’s Artist as the stunning landscape surrounds the spirit of a mere man (or woman) caught up in this earthly splendor. It just cannot be an accident. 
We were meant for beauty! We were meant to appreciate beauty. We were meant for seasons and the special qualities each bring.
Soon it will be winter. I always say I like February because it’s not Christmas yet--not that I dislike Christmas, but it comes around too quickly.
I also hear people lamenting that soon it will be cold, letting go of this transitional fall season, almost missing it with worry of winter’s temperatures. Fall is my favorite season; I want to embrace it with no care for the next season, which comes all too quickly. I do not want to miss one moment of autumn. I celebrate it with all my heart.