Friday, September 4, 2009

Hotel Stories: A perfectly good house

Well, I guess I felt it in my bones—bones, mind you, that feel a whole lot! But, this time I called it almost to the day, the day we would learn that our temporary living largesse has ended.

The company has been more than generous, going 16 months with us. That is extreme. So now we have a huge house in Illinois, a perfectly good house, just sitting there looking pretty, and here we are in New England. Homeless.

I believe in God. I believe He is always Good. I believe He has perfect timing. So what is the big picture here? Are we doing something wrong? What are we supposed to do now?

Options: rent a room; have a double house payment; live apart till the house sells; rent it out—not necessarily any more likely than selling it; sell it ourselves and drop the price $10K. I am sure there are more options.

At least for now, I'll be back in Illinois for a long while, and thus my hotel stories appear to be coming to a close.

I will keep you posted for the rest of our short stay. And, then—your guesses are as good as mine. Does this sound discouraged? Somewhat. Yes, there will always be an answer forthcoming. Just maybe not the one we were hoping for.

They’re showing the house again tomorrow. Hope.